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X2 for SAR and other public safety uses


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Oct 6, 2022
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So I currently have the M210 V2 with the Z30 and XT2 cameras. Just looking at the specs the X2 is substantially lower quality cameras. I did briefly attend a demo by Skydio where I got some stick time but I noticed the following: distinct delay between input and aircraft response, lots of issues with live view lag, very low quality FLIR imagery. If it were not for the legislation on Florida on banning DJI from public safety I would not even consider the X2. Im looking for input from pilots who have flown the X2 for SAR and or any other public safety missions and how the X2 handled. Is the screen lag constant? is the laggy controls constant? are you able to actually use the FLIR and locate subjects in wooded areas?
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Hey there, I would love to talk to someone with as much FLIR experience as you as it sounds like, and can answer all your questions 100%. Shoot me an e-mail. Right off the top they did get the FLIR Boson but they chose the 336 resolution (vs 640) and it's really bad... before you even start zooming. If you already have a Boson, and don't know about this, it's VERY helpful (the GUI download) Boson® Thermal Camera Modules | Teledyne FLIR
@Dutch239 I am the coordinator for ACFR's UAS Team and we recently purchased the Skydio X2E due to the Florida legislation changes. I have about seven hours on the X2E now and have a pretty good opinion on the platform. To be fair we shelved a M300 and H20T when we moved to the X2E so I am overly underwhelmed by the X2E. That being said we are moving forward and making it work for our team.
1. Controls are wifi based and are laggy compared to Occusync. Range in wide open areas was about 2400 feet before major pixilation. You do have the option to adjust the speed of yaw, pitch, and throttle to make it seem more responsive.
2. Thermal is "ok". It lacks any temperature ranges or other temperature indicators like you are use to with the XT2. It is substantially better than the Mavic M2ED 160 sensor however. Skydio says they have a roadmap for the 640 sensor about a year from now.
3. The obstacle avoidance is no joke and the 3D scanning feature does produce some very detailed models.
4. Be prepared for licensing sticker shock. While the drone is approximately 14k, you'll pay closed to 29k to unlock the features of the drone hardware.
5. Battery life is as advertised but there are no low battery alarms until you get to a two minute warning.
Since Skydio lobbied for the changes to our legislation, I hope they take this opportunity to improve their platform for public safety as these changes aren't going away.
I'm pretty easy to find if you need any further info. [email protected].
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Absolutely agree. I've logged a lot of hours with my X2E and no matter how you cut it, I'm always making compromises for the quality, handling, and errors that are constantly happening. Not only are controls sluggish, but it can't handle wind very well at all (which makes scanning insane!), and out of 7 different structures (houses, cell towers, bridges, buildings, water towers) I have yet to get a fully rendered 3d model. Always gaps, always issues.
I have a different experience then ACFR_UAS when it comes to obstacle avoidance. Not only did it crash the very first time out and replaced, but I have had to abort the autonomous flying several times, because 10ft distance setting became inches (with serious heart palpitations) with cell tower scans. Honestly, I think I lost a couple of years off my life!
I can't even find a thermal chart to give me a range of whats what. I have a few jobs for thermal roofing shoots, but even the FLIR hand held low rez camera has temp readings.
Lastly, Skydio does not take returns. That's how much they stand behind their product.
Anyway....don't buy. Piece of garbage for the insane amount of money they charge.
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