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Recent content by leenanj

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    New Firmware 7.0.27 now available February 10 2021

    The Beacon and Controller were also both updated for sure. The batteries I don't think so.
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    Poor Customer Support, Crash warranty denied

    I see the same, small branches and also windy day! My DJI drone would not have lasted that long in that cluster of thin branches. Sorry for your crash .
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    Back to 1975... all of the saved media files have this date

    Mine files have all been recorded with the date 1975 since I got it.
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    Precision Mode and 360 SuperZoom will be coming to S2 ! 👍

    Is the S2 hardware capable of these features?
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    DroneDeploy users?

    I would like to but cannot justify those prices at all. When it comes to waypoint missions I use Litchi and DJI drones.
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    Glad Skydio isn't located in Alameda county...

    We have plenty of open space here in Nevada Alon Musk, right next to your Gigafactory and what many have said, the new silicon Valley! We welcome you!
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    RTL Tests

    To be able to land on a dock like above there has to be other hardware and software involved for this to happen. Even as accurate as the Mavic 2 is at landing even that would miss the target most of the time. Just a few inches aff could be a disaster.
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    New software/firmware update today March 30 2020 App 6.0.5 FW 6.0.38 (change log incl.)

    iOS is live with update, updating firmware now!
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    What causes the spot in all my skydio 2 videos?

    Looks like a defect with the camera!
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    Gimbal guard .... uh ....

    Only takes 5 seconds to break the gimbal, now that's a world problem! haha :rolleyes: :oops:
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    Gimbal guard .... uh ....

    I was afraid of breaking the gimbal trying to put on the guard. When I put in the case I just lay a piece of foam between lid and gimbal when closing so it can't move around.
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    Controller USB C to Micro B USB Tablet

    We went through this a few months back, people needing longer iOS cables for there iPads and nothing found works other than Skydio cable. I don't recall if Skydio actually admitted changing the pinouts but what other conclusion can you come to. I know dozens of different cables were tried from...
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    Controller USB C to Micro B USB Tablet

    Many have been tried without success. Let us know if you actually find one that works. If Skydio would have used the USB out port on the controller 3rd party cables would have worked but they switched things around along with there iOS cable to use the USB-C out so had to use there own cable...
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    Controller USB C to Micro B USB Tablet

    To my knowledge so far there is no 3rd party iOS lighting connector that works as it appears to be a proprietary cable and needs to come from Skydio.
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    Skydio increasing the range?

    I call BS, who starts these stupid rumors!