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2+ (4) warranty replacement in 14 months!

Mike Vasconcellos

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Oct 21, 2020
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Hi everyone...has anyone had this experience? I flew my original S2 for nearly 2 years, then upgraded to a 2+. After purchasing a 2+ in Jan of 2022, Skydio has given me FOUR replacements due to various issues - mostly gimball wander and shudder, continuous camera side to side wiggle when changing from 4k 30 to 48 or 60 fps. Cleary I feel that Skydio knows there is an issue, because most of the replacements were out of warranty.

I fly nearly always in manual mode, shooting video of surfing. I occasionally use Motion Track which produces a nice change from manual flying. I've found that when you use non default settings, especially 'drone speed' custom setting, you end up with gimbal and camera issues. The default settings are too slow to chase a surfer.

So I don't use the tracking much, and I find that this drone is very 'soft' on the controls. If you've flown any DJIs, you know what I mean. Just curious if anyone else is having issue with the 2+. I'm so frustrated with Skydio that i'm considering purchasing a mavic 3c.
I feel the S2/+ strength is tracking, the OA bubble will slow down response time in manual mode so there are better options out there.

Of course DJI is a good choice but take a look at Anafi, most nimble drone I own and only 349g.

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