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5 ways the Mavic Mini is so good

Brenda Petty

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Aug 18, 2020
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If you are looking to buy your very first drone, there are a lot of options to choose from. But I can tell you 5 things why the Mavic Mini should be your first choice.

1. It is super cheap. Since it's your first time, crashing it won't be as painful as crashing a Mavic 2 Pro.
2. 249 grams. It's so light, you don't even have to register it in your country and you don't have to get licence to fly it.
3. Long battery life. These things are small but they are actually more efficient than some of the bigger ones. It has approximately 30min of flight time which is more than enough to get your shots and come back home.
4. Very easy to use. It has no extra features, no bells and whistles, perfect for beignners. No complicated features that you need to learn. Just open the box and these things are ready to fly.
5. It's a Mini! It's super portable you can bring it anywhere. Unlike the other big drones that you have to have a designated bag for them.

So if you are considering buying your very first drone, I highly suggest you look into the Mavic Mini. You won't regret it!
Nah, I own both. They’re both awesome drones. If your wanting a drone with more features then you’ll ever use, the Anafi is your drone. The Mini’s simplicity and FAR better WiFi signal makes it a great beginner quad as stated above. Not registering is a moot point. Register your drone.
There are lots of less costly good beginner drones out there.

Personally I don’t think this discussion belongs here this is a Skydio board. I left other Forums to get away from the DJI infiltrators and I think the mods are being too generous.
This is the general discussion section. I see no problem with an open forum.
It's already happened on this board, several members have been annoyed by the sock puppets, trolls, reps... you can choose to ignore it but the reason many of us are here is to get away from it and if you invite them in we won't be here much longer.
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Agree to disagree. I do agree that there are several other boards to discuss this on and I will no longer respond to these types of posts to keep the community happy.

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