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A 3D model of Skydio's headquarters in Redwood City created from a YouTube video that Skydio shared on their YouTube channel three years ago.


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Dec 5, 2020
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Out of simple curiosity I thought it would be interesting to see if I could create a 3D model from nothing more than an online video to see it it was possible to essentially transport myself into a virtual world across the country, back in time. I used a video from Skydio's YouTube channel they shared three years ago. It worked pretty well. Here is a link to the video that describes the process employed to do this (at a high level) as well as visualizations of the recovered flight path and video captures of a game like fly through of the model.

YouTube Video of 3D Modeling from a YouTube video


More computing and processing 4k rather than HD video frames would likely improve the quality of the model. Despite using just HD quality data processing in my workflow, the results are still impressive.

This makes me wonder what creative uses people will have in the future for publicly available historical image and video data (that will be enabled by repurposing the massive amounts of image data people share online today).

Here is a link to the Skydio video I used as the source data for the modeling.
Welcome to Skydio Video Link
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I've tried it before many years ago, but IIRC the result wasn't as good as Metashape. Not sure if it's improved over the years or not.

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