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Best and worst features?


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Apr 13, 2020
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Hi all,

Not sure if a similar thread exists, but was wondering what people were a) Really happy/pleasantly surprised about with the S2 and b)what they were not happy with.

For me

a) The camera! I was pleasantly surprised how clean and crisp the image sensor is on this drone. I was a bit concerned when I found out what sensor they were planning to use (as it didn't have rave reviews in other products) but they have worked some magic on it and it outperforms other drones using the sensor

b) The range. I was disappointed when they decided to use WiFi as the Comms method. I was hoping they could have licensed some other technology to improve it. They purchased the controller from Parrot, so using other drone manufacturers tech isn't unusual in this instance - but it just seems like a lot of the emphasis was placed on the Autonomy Engine (which is fair enough) and maybe the range (wether it be the antenna placement or components used or some other reason) wasnt given enough dev/research time.
As a side note, just hoping they get approval to broadcast at the frequencies they have requested, it would mean a range improvement (how much of an improvement is anyone's guess) for us all!

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