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Controller Charging Issue


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Dec 7, 2020
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I got my S2 in November and have only tried to charge the controller twice. If you saw my post from before, you know why (no micro USB/USB C cable). I got that resolved, but the green led has never came on and its been on the charger for hours. The controller works, flew with it yesterday, but I don't have a ton of confidence in its longevity. I'm assuming its defective, but wondering if others have experienced the same issue?
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Just an update in case anyone is interested. I sent a message to Skydio and have had some dialogue with one of their representatives. He was going to get with their engineers because he had me connect my drone/phone/controller and look on the Fly tab under Controller at what it says for charge percentage.

Mine doesn't give a percentage. It says RC7.0.23...and the order of the 3 items are Drone Phone Controller, whereas the Controller Manual, under App, shows Drone Controller Phone. The latter might be meaningless, but its different from what the manual says.

Also, I discovered that the LED actually does turn green eventually. Its sooo faint, I thought the controller had turned off/timed out or something. I hafta cup my hand around it to create a dark shadow within which to see that the LED is actually green, and this is inside my house.

Lastly, once the LED had turned green, I reconnected drone/phone/controller to check again on charge percentage. The controller was on for 1 minute max, and actually prolly closer to 45 seconds. Same result (RC7.0.23) but heres why I mention this. I reconnected controller to charger and 2 hours later, the LED was still red. Thats after less than 1 minute of use.

Something is not right. The Rep and I think the controller is defective, but the absence of it showing charge percentage has him stumped. I didn't hear from them yesterday tho. Will advise what I learn.
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Tried again yesterday and used my wife's phone. Its a Galaxy Note 5 running Android version 7. My phone is Galaxy S6 also on Android version 7. Anyway, her phone showed exact same RC7.0.23 instead of controller charge %. And, after controller simply sat unused for 3 days (after 2+ hours of charging that got no green LED) it took about 3 1/4 hours of connection to charger to get the super faint green LED on controller. I asked yesterday for a new controller, which I think is the problem. The charger charges the batteries ok. I'm using the cable they provided for charging.

The problem is either: Controller, App, Android 7 or the MicroUSB/USB C cable I'm using to connect phone to controller. Weeks ago I asked Skydio which cable to get and I bought what they said they use for Micro to USB C. Frankly, I think they should provide said cable...they provide the others, why not this one?

No word from Skydio engineers that I know of....did hear from Rep yesterday asking if I've flown via controller since we last talked. Answer No. It was my idea to try wife's phone.

More when I know more
Controller shipped off yesterday to Skydio for replacement.

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