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Skydio 2 Connectivity Issue, no WiFi, cannot pair with Beacon, Controller, and App


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Jun 29, 2022
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After having some flights during my bicycling trips for two months in some Asian countries, the Skydio 2 wifi cannot be detected by Skydio App in my smartphones and iPad which were used to control the drone. The beacon and controller also cannot be paired nor connected to the Skydio 2.

Ryan of Skydio team advised me the following:

1. Resetting the WiFi password by the following steps:

Step 1 - Power on your drone
Step 2 - Tap and release the power button twice in quick succession
Step 3 - Press and hold the power button a third time for two second

  • Lights will flash green twice before returning to blue
Step 3 - Power cycle your drone and the password will be reset to factory settings

2. Hard resetting the drone
  1. Attach your Skydio drone to a fully charged battery.
  2. Power up your Skydio drone by pressing and holding the battery button for 3 seconds:
    • Ensure that the Skydio drone is fully powered on by observing the following:
      • After a brief pause, the gimbal should "snap" into place.
      • The LED lights on the drone "wings" will be solid blue.
  3. Power the drone off by pressing and holding the battery button until the LED lights turn off.
  4. Repeat this "on/off" process six consecutive times.
  5. Power on the drone for the 7th time and wait until the lights are again solid blue.
  6. Open the Skydio App and verify that there are no devices connected.
  7. Re-pair your Skydio drone to your Controller and/or Beacon (as needed).

The above steps cannot solve the connectivity issue. Ryan advised that in the past, he has seen connection issues with customers who bring their drones overseas.

I have researched in this forum and this issue is frequently faced by Skydio 2+ owners. Therefore, I followed the solutions in this thread NO WIFI SSID CONNECTION FOR EUROPE FIX FOR SKYDIO 2+

Notwithstanding it is intended for Skydio2+, the connectivity issues are the same with me.

I have tried the following proposed solutions:
1. the factory reset.
2. the aluminium foil;
3. the microwave.

The above cannot solve the connectivity issue. I would appreciate it if you could advise other than returning to the Skydio as I am on an overseas right now.

Best regards,


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