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drone delivery

Any one with even a small bit of experience piloting a drone knows that there are a 1,000 things that can go wrong when drones get in the air.

Videos (like this UPS video) are like videos promoting driver-less cars or 100% safe space flight or a 100% safe anything for that matter.

When lawyers get involved with the first serious accident involving a remotely delivered package, the idea of future such deliveries will come to a screeching halt.
Just want to take back the part of my above comment regarding self driving cars... < EMBARRASSED smile >

Not only are we much closer to this reality than I thought but once implemented artificial intelligence (AI )would also seem to make highway driving much safer.

What changed my mind? ... An eye opening PBS video entitled "In The Age of AI"

The video (and recently published book) also does a great job of explaining why the USA has recently black listed several major Chinese telecom and drone manufacturing companies

Looks like battle lines between USA and Chinese AI know-how are getting a lot clearer.

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