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Hello from Arkansas!


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Nov 1, 2020
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Hello from Central AR! I preordered my Skydio 2 in December of 2019, and just received it in the mail yesterday!

I have spent a few years with a 3DR Solo, to the point that all 6 of my 3DR batteries have crapped out. None of them will hold a charge, and the drone and it's batteries are long discontinued. Unfortunate, because I had that thing tricked out with GPS, WiFi, and antenna upgrades. I could fly it out ~5 miles before starting to lose signal!

Anyways, time to move on to something better: enter Skydio 2. I am very excited about this drone. I rarely used my Solo for anything other than exploration and cinematics, because it was pretty much useless for recording myself in any action. Any time I was doing something cool, I would have needed another pilot. I do a lot of overlanding and 4x4 trail riding, and getting some aerial footage while driving is something that I can't wait to try.

I ordered my S2 with the Cinema upgrade, so I've got pretty much all of the goodies to start playing around with. I'm excited to be here and see what comes of this drone!
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Welcome! I started with 3DR solo back in the day too. I actually had five of them total. I went through three of them, two replaced on warranty, one I accidently crashed into a bridge when it hit RTH after loosing GPS while flying under and auto returned smashing into the bottom of the bridge. That was a $1.3k bummer as it plummeted into a 500 foot deep canyon never to be seen again losing drone, battery, and a GoPro! Then I bought two extras when they went out of business and everything got super cheap. I horded them for a while but eventually sold my whole lot at once since I was no longer flying them and had moved on to DJI drones. I really loved that platform though it was an amazing drone for 2015. The aftermarket was so awesome, I modded the hell out of them.

Think you'll really dig Skydio if your primary use case is motion tracking. It's an invaluable piece of my kit now for filming action sports.
I currently have 5 Solo's, definitely ahead of it's time. Solo still has some of the best autonomous moves like follow orbit with dynamic altitude.

I still use my Solo but not often since getting my my S2. Biggest problem with Solo was props in shot on 4k. If you like Solo you will like the S2 IMO.

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