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Hello from Champaign Il

Welcome to the forum.👍
Ouch. Sorry to hear that. Got my new Skydio a couple days ago and all the updates went fine, phew.

I take it Skydio is going to send you a replacement?

Ah gotcha. I'd say it's promising they're seeing if they can fix it via software/patching. Do keep us posted and best of luck!

First flight SUCCESS ! ! !

Started off with the beacon. Really spooky. Prior to this we had to be the pilot and photographer. Now you select a target and a few options and done. I obviously need to learn more before it becomes intuitive to operate.

Second flight with remote. Performs well. Controls seems a little sluggish but I have not adjusted anything. I like the "turbo" button. Display noted 30 mph.

As a side note the camera can be adjusted to point up.

All is well so far.
WOOT! Glad to hear it... Agree, it takes some getting used to even though it's autonomous.

Still learning myself. Enjoy,

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