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How to manually control video capture


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Feb 9, 2021
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So two days of fun. watched tons of videos pre and post ownership! No where can i find how to control video recording. My drone seems to only record automatically. The phone app is weak tea for settings and all i seem to be able to do is let it record from launch to landing! 12 gig files are annoying to find a gem shot in! The manual shows the ability to do this but not the how of it.
Any others out there have knowledge on this to share?

iPad mini 5 to control it connected to beacon for extended range
Latest firmware updates applied.
Don't know, but interested in the solution. I haven't tried very hard to find the answer, but I've noticed the same deal when flying. I just assumed tapping the recording icon would stop the auto record, but it didn't.
I fought auto record at first since it essentially isn't auto, it's just record everything while in flight. But after a few times forgetting to hit record while in manual and losing a shot I just leave it on auto now. I generally end up switching modes to take photos while in flight which will start a new video file. That way you don't get 1 huge file which is a pain to scrub while editing.
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I see the wisdom in those words for sure. Typically I do enjoy the takeing of photos dureing a flight. I will test this out on my next flight. Would be perfect if it took the photo then auto started video capture again.

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