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S2 Enterprise Skills

Bill McNeil

Nov 28, 2020
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Does anyone know the cost of Skydio's S2 Enterprise skills? I've heard between $1000 & $1500.
Just released and officially pricing was announced. BUT! read this manual first to get an idea of what is sold. This is far from most of the consumer voices:
pdf: https://support.skydio.com/hc/article_attachments/1260800091469/Skydio2_AEF_UserGuide_v1.1.pdf
AEF description html: Which Skills and Features Are Available in the Skydio Enterprise app?

Note that there is NO addons/improvements applied to Tracking mode from consumer app - with Enterprise app you can only fly Skydio as usual dron, which has obstacle avoidance system but doesn't move itself while following you or any other object. However few things are interesting, at first place
  • Close Proximity Obstacle Avoidance - can fly through very small paths (safety bubble is 2 times smaller - from 39" to 16" diameter)
  • Precision mode - ultraprecise movements
I wouldn't go for AEF as it won't bring any value to MTB/skiing - activities I would like to utilize Skydio most, however, if they will add the CPOA feature to the consumer app it would be nice. From another side, it is super-risky if the drone is moving fast - it can easily crash and this won't be covered by warranty.

I would probably wait for the SDK access announcement for a wider audience.
Interesting, but nothing I would use. Just get the Dual Charger back in stock, some Waypoints and I will be happy. For awhile.

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