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Skydio 2 Reserved?


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Oct 21, 2019
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Who has reserved the skydio 2? What is your likelihood of purchasing?
I reserved one in the 2nd batch. Waiting for 1st batch pilot reports to see if I will purchase.
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I’ll wait and watch for the time being. One thousand dollars isn’t something I’m willing to risk at this point. GoPro comes to mind.
I’ll wait and watch for the time being. One thousand dollars isn’t something I’m willing to risk at this point. GoPro comes to mind.
It will only cost you a $100 refundable deposit to get on the list. That will give you six months to wait and watch.
On third batch. Intend to get beacon, remote and three extra batteries. Only way I can envision cancelling deposit is if delivery doesn't match the product we've seen in so many videos; seems very unlikely.
I just got this update!
The crew is prepping the cabin (among other things) for takeoff and we look forward to getting you in the air. Manufacturing lines at HQ have transitioned into final production. We expect to start shipping in late November in the order that reservations were placed, and production batch 1 shipments will continue into December.

When your order is ready... You'll get an email from us to collect the remaining balance. You'll have up to 10 days to complete the purchase. During checkout you'll also be able to add a Beacon, Controller, and other Skydio accessories (extra batteries, props, etc.) to your order.

After that... You'll get an email from us with UPS Ground tracking information once your drone ships, usually within 2-3 days of completing your order. From there, please don't hesitate to reach out to Skydio support if there's anything we can do to help make your flight(s) more comfortable.

If you want more updates... Subscribe to our newsletter for tips, tricks, and exclusive content. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for lots of great footage of Skydio 2 in action.
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I reserved late, probably in the third batch. The uses I have in mind will be next spring. Hopefully they will ramp up production to meet the demand.
Curious to know why they aren’t accepting PayPal. Last I checked, credit cards have some form of fees involved to the seller. My PayPal account is not attached to my better half, so if I need a credit card, I have to involve her. She already thinks I have too many flying cameras. This may be a hindrance.
I reserved on the first date and couple days ago receive update email from Skydio which states the shipping will start at end of November. Will be ordering couple extra batteries and beacon. At this point not sure about controller, I already have Mavic Pro with Crystal Sky 7.85" UB monitor so I like to wait and see what Skydio is capable of before I spent extra $149. Winter is coming so I don't think I will be doing a lot of flying in next 5 months. Realistically, if I have to wait two or three months longer is not a big deal.
I ordered three hours after they made the announcement, going to get the beacon, controller, extra battery and props. Hopefully will see it within four weeks from the note they sent me.
I reserved and expect mine in early 2020.
Based on what is published for the -2 design it will give DJI some serious competition.
Except for the compact folded design of the DJI Mavic's and its slightly longer flight time it appears that the -2 has better specs, price, and performance safety features with autonomous flight controls.
Finally a USA manufactured cost effective performance Drone.
I expect DJI is scrambling to match the -2 performance which will be needed for the Mavic Pro 3 if and when it hits the market. I think once the -2 ramps up it production we will see DJI reduce it prices.
Finally it appears that with the DJI Mini offering that DJI is going after the toy drone business with an overpriced toy drone.
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I ordered on Oct 2 first batch. But no email to complete my order yet. Hoping next week.
I ordered mine on October 1, six hours after the email, and I haven’t gotten it yet either. Glad I didn’t wait a month. Might be looking st 2027.

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