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Skydio 2 Thru The Wires!

wow, crazy, got lucky but doing it again and damaging a wire could be big money
Weird, I'm subbed to his channel and I don't see this video. Never mind, I found it. I think he mostly got lucky on these wires. I wouldn't try it again.

You contrast this against the guy that crashed on a street with maybe 2 wires running down it.
Honestly, I don't think this was skill but rather luck. Skydio 2 has proven to not be able to avoid thin stuff many times by now. I think your Skydio 2 coincidentally flew through (and not into) the wires without even recognizing them. So yes, you got lucky big time.
I'm not saying that I think that you shouldn't be able to fly your Skydio 2 in those circumstances - I think you should! I'm just saying that Skydio 2 isn't that capable yet and, realistically, is gonna crash if you make it fly in such environments, sadly.
Another example of irresponsible flying, down a public street in a city with vehicles and pedestrians. What could go wrong!
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They will be looking for SD to repair their drone before long. If you're flying around wires there's a good chance you're going to crash the drone. Add low(er) light and you're just asking for it. The SD2 does amazing avoidance but wires and small sticks are it's Achilles heel especially in anything less than direct sunlight.
It says right in the instructions that SD2 can only detect things down to 1/2" in diameter. Not a good idea to fly in an area with little wires.

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