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no legal way to fly Skydio 2?


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Jan 18, 2020
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So it's been confirmed today that Skydio is out of consumer drones. Not only there's stiff competition from DJI. I also think there's no way to fly a skydio drone legally, unless you're in the middle of nowhere. Every drone pilot needs a visual observer, so how can you achieve that when you're on the move, thru the trees?
Could you elaborate on the " there's no way to fly a Skydio drone Legally" part ??

Thank You.
Got a link to the "Every drone pilot is required to have a visual observer." rule.
Haha! I think he really means that every "drone" pilot "must" maintain visual line of sight. But that's just it: MAINTAIN! I have always wondered if that means actually NEVER taking your eyes off the "drone" meaning you couldn't even look at the controller for any reason or if it meant that you just can't fly the "drone" outside of line of sight. If it meant that you could never take your eyes off the "drone" than I think that would have been addressed since EVERY pilot takes their eyes off their "drone" to manipulate the controller at some point.

So, if the Skydio is following than it most likely is WITHIN visual line of sight. However, it still begs the question when it flies around obstacles like trees.

In any case, it is sad to see that we can no longer buy Skydios or any accessories from Skydio.

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