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Skydio 2 with 2+ beacon


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Jan 17, 2022
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So who has done it yet? I have talked to one person who has so far and they said they had great results...

I am though really surprised they don't offer the option to downgrade to older firmware versions...
I made my first flights with my S2 and 2 + beacon.

First flight was with my iPad and beacon and was pretty bad, lots of wandering and disconnects. I tried beacon only and that was worse I couldn't get a GPS signal without connecting to the iPad.

Third flight with my iPad was great, like the old days it tracked very well and never went GPS only.

So far my results are mixed however it seems to be learning and getting better I will report back when I have more results.
I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it. Got it and was able to pair it so now time to see how it does...
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Only had a few chances to use it so I am still up in the air. One thing I have noticed on the follow me mode it doesn't seem to react to positions as well as it did.. But I need to get a few more tests to confirm it.

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