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Skydio Announces X2, Not For Sale To Existing Customers


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Dec 15, 2019
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Ahhhh... but isn’t the Skydio model with night flight only targeted to the Enterprise focused X2... we small shops or consumers can’t acquire.

Unless you feel the S3 will gain these features.:unsure:
If S3, then purchase the S2 and enjoy... the S3, 4 and 5 will all follow but not worth waiting on if not near their release.

Such as Mavic Air 2, I’ll wait for the M3P... it’s in final stages, they likely pulled it back to increase features or components to compete with recently released crafts.

On the new model lineup... if Skydio has received large contributions to develop Govt / Military sUAV. Their interest may change and the consumer market may become a minor interest. The growth of the S-series may slow in the not to distant future. Their ( Skydio) consumer market share is minimal and Govt has much less competition and greater focus to specific paths... most small companies if could choose would likely pick Govt.
I should have realized that any new night capable sensor sets capable of retaining Skydio's one of kind OA capability wouldn't be able to piggy back to the S2.

Once developed and tested they'd probably cost a premium and would be out of the reach of any pilot not within a government or large enterprise organization.

When the rare occasion for a night video occurs I'll just fall back to using my Mavic Pro and just be a little more careful about obstacles.


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Nov 10, 2019
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FWIW, I sent a suggestion to Skydio recommending an 1" sensor option, they responded saying they appreciated the feedback.

If you have the same or other suggestions, please consider contacting Skydio.


Lon Denard

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Dec 21, 2019
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So I contacted Skydio about purchasing an X2. They asked, "How many?" and I replied, "2".... They politely told me they weren't interested but if they change their minds, they'd let me know.... Hahahaha!

As far as night flight goes, there's already drones with infrared obstacle avoidance on the market. It's distance and thus speed limited but reasonably effective. Ultrasonic/sonar/radar could be used as well. It wouldn't be that difficult considering the processing power of the Skydio platform.

I do hydroelectric dam surveys now and want to do crane inspections, it's why I purchased the Skydio 2 in the first place, the susceptibility to WiFi interference nixed that idea! I'm hoping that the next version (S3?) will include the new transmission system and that CONTROLLER!!!

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