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Who has upgraded from 2 to the 2+?


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Jan 17, 2022
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So has anybody upgraded from the 2 to the 2+ with high hopes and been happy? Its one thing thats been on my mind recently with the happy/then frustration with the follow modes. And after allot of testing between a person and a vehicle I am 100% convinced it has to do with reconizing whats its supposed to be locked on...

We did, and in fact kept the 2 for comparison after seeing the 2+ not go any further in familiar locations. Directly compared both of them, and found that in our locations, no benefit in range, and in fact significantly poorer live video connection. It was sleuthed to apparently be the diff between having 2.5GHz and not. Like the longer life 2+ battery!
MY main interest in this type is the follow me ability...
We purchased a 2+ earlier this year (a few months after getting a 2 last year). I have had the 2 in my possession since new and have used it on a few jobs with mixed results (the portability is great for travel...the transmission range sucks). A coworker has had the 2+ since we got it and only flew it a couple of times. He is shipping it out to me to see what I think of it. I'm going to do some comparison testing between the 2 and 2+, but I have to say that I really don't have high hopes based on my experience with the 2. I'll let you guys know what I think.

We use UAS for the collection of commercial footage and photography and for various mapping and 3D modeling purposes. Unfortunately, Skydio has many of those functions locked behind their enterprise paywall. Since we already pay for Pix4D, we're not terribly interested in buying into another similar service just for the sake of being able to use the Skydio (which we already don't really care for). Since Skydio has (to my surprise) opened up compatibility with Drone Deploy, I am hopeful the same might happen with Pix4D. Most of our clients are highly security-conscious, and our ability to continue using DJI equipment (due to the China connection) is dwindling...which is why we keep looking for ways to be able to reliably use the Skydio aircraft. It is about the best value in U.S. produced aircraft on the market. Prices go up significantly from here.

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