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Another change to home built 5.8 GHz booster

Waldo Pepper

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Nov 18, 2019
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Made another change to the pieced together 5.8 GHz booster, now has a set of Anafi 2.4 - 5.8 GHz antennas off a non- working Anafi controller.

Originally, Replaced both burned out Alientech 5.8 GHz amplifiers with a set of Solaris Anafi 5.8 GHz amplifiers. This greatly increased signal in areas with a lot of inference and obstacles, the only original Alientech parts I was using are the 5.8 GHz antennas and gutted out housing.

This late afternoon early evening, removed the Alientech 5.8 GHz antennas and replaced them with a set of Anafi 2.4 - 5.8 GHz antennas. I had a hunch, using the Anafi antennas with the Solaris Anafi amplifiers would help increase signal, and it did. Flew a quick flight, sure enough amazing signal strength in areas had issues with noise. I was using channels 157 and 161, even channel 165 was good but appears channels 157 and 161 are the strongest with this setup.

Think I finally have a great Skydio 2+ booster setup, had to piece it together from spare parts to get it. My recent new Alientech 5.8 GHz booster is still not working correctly, Took it apart can’t find the problem. May just gut that one out and make another pieced together booster, these Alientech booster housing are great for those wanting to put together a mini booster.

Last picture, What’s left of the busted Anafi controller 😔

Happy Skydio flying everyone!0B2065B0-1232-420C-ACA2-E50CA0EDA984.jpeg25BE272B-8434-4676-83BD-72F6A4C922E7.jpeg12E87EE6-80AD-49CE-AA5C-19C91B9522E7.jpegD81047B5-8703-495E-BFBD-494D70638A99.jpeg8CAAC19B-31E0-492D-9871-8125721F7824.jpeg
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