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Rebuild burned out Alientech 5.8ghz amplifier

Waldo Pepper

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Nov 18, 2019
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Recently, Purshased a new Alientech 5.8 GHz booster. For some reason, can’t get it to operate correctly.

Have an old spare same type Alientech 5.8 GHz booster, only it’s fired and that happened on its first powering on (smoked). when I ordered it used from an individual, Both of the two amplifiers smoked on its first use.

This week, removed both amplifiers from from the original defective Alientech, replaced them with two Parrot Anafi 5.8 GHz boosters from Solaris , he used to build power amplifier setups for both Parrot Bebop 2 and Anafi. Luckily, of all the Parrot amplifiers I have two are 5.8 GHz the rest are 2.4ghz.

Removed all guts from original Alientech booster, mounted two Parrot 5.8 GHz amplifiers, replaced all antenna cables and connectors with same type on the Anafi. Added a push button switch, Battery voltage Light LED.

Flew several flights, manual 157 and 161 appear to be the strongest channels. So far, Very impressed with the performance especially in areas with inference.

Going to contact my Alientech dealer, send back the recent purchase Alientech 5.8 to be tested. Hopefully, he’ll figure out what’s wrong with it. For now, at Ieast will have a good working one even if it’s put together from spare parts.

Before I forget, managed to use original battery setup wired in series as these two boosters need a minimum of 7 to 8 volts to operate correctly. And used original 5.8 GHz Alientech antennas, luckily everything pieced together well.

Thanks for looking,

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Trying another type antenna setup, using whip antennas which are duel type now boosted. Should get full channel range or more channel selection going to these whip antennas.

Will compare, see if this booster setup is as least equal.

Removed the Alientech 5.8 GHz antennas, laying beside controller.
over my head....
It’s not that difficult kenmavic,

You probably could do this same mod if you have available components, many here especially long time drone users built there own booster setups.

I was fortunate to collect many parts over the years, Solaris made these mini amplifiers for Parrot line for those needing an extra signal boost in areas with inference with bebop 2 and Anafi.

Fortunately, happened to have two 5.8 GHz mini amplifiers of his, which easily replaced the burned out Alientech 5.8 Amplifiers with a few changes. Plus, After gutting out the Alientech 5.8 shell, it’s a perfect housing for making another workable booster.

The Whip antenna setup with the amplifier setup didn’t have any improvement, so I placed everything back to normal using the build in antennas with Parrot amplifiers. Flew two more flights, remarkable performance felt like I was flying a Mavic with occusync.

Too bad my new amplifier isn’t working, luckily the one pieced together from spare parts is operating extremely well .
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