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Data Bloat in Android App


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Jul 14, 2021
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I have a Samsung s8. the Skydio app data size grows every time it syncs with my skydio. I do not use the app to clear files as I manage those directly from the card. Media in the app only shows when connected to the drone. After disconnection the internal storage data file grows and is up to 6GB now. What will be the result of clearing the data file? Will the app loose important info and flight log data? How do I manage this. I'm running out of space.

I also just noticed the tool to upload the logs. I'm now thinking that the LVR files and perhaps other log data getting stashed into the apps internal data base is the culprit. There needs to be a way to retain and manage logging data and not have this app turn into perpetual bloatware on the devise. Any ideas?
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I had a similar problem with my iPad. I reported it to Skydio and I think on some devices there still is no fix.

Looked at that thread, interesting. It looks like I can could use the remove data to clear all of the app's data on android, but I think that will be a heavy handed approach. Before I do that, I want to be sure that the LVR files contain all of the logging information that would be required for warranty. If so, then I have them and clearing the data might be ok. But not knowing what else I might be clearing is part of the problem in going that route. It's been 2 days now, and still no response from Skydio support.
Personally I don't care about log files or warranty I just want to fly. On several occasions during a flight I got the warning "low storage" on my iPad and when I landed I could not take off until the cache was cleared. I could not remove it through the app(at the time) so I had to delete and reinstall the app, a PITA since I am out of internet range. SD acknowledged the issue and sent me several updates to correct the problem but none worked.

I now use a Motorola G7 Android and I have no problem with app bloat.

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