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Where are and What's in the log files


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Feb 2, 2020
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Hi all

Looking to find where the skydio logs are kept and what is in them and are they human readable or "digital goob" that only Skydio can read. I'm trying to have a easy way to capture flight conditions, review a gimbal malfunction and keep all my logs.

I'm using an Android phone and did find android/data/com.skydio.r3/files. Inside that folder are files like
cache_bd, cache_vts_com.skydio.r3_default.. etc. When I did take upload a log from my phone it showed me thumbnails with the date and time of all my flights. That was cool. To finish it wanted to talk to the skydio. I know that the skydio has two cards slot and one of mine is taped over. So I'm guessing underneath the tape is the crown jewels so to speak.

Can't fly so want to learn and play with my toy. Thanks for reading and any insight is welcome and I will share what I learn.


Keep flying and stay Healthy
You have to be rooted and the folder is data/data/com.skydio.r3/files
Trying to understand what Skydio engineers are seeing when they interpret a log file I doubt is something just any one can do.

How all the recorded data comes into play has got to be so complex that someone without the background of one their design engineers would be in way over their head.

The S2 is one of the first drones beginning to use "learning" as way of becoming a smarter drone so how it processes what it records has to be "really" complicated.

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