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DIY landing pad


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May 14, 2021
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Looking for large landing pad without any logos. I’ll put a Skydio symbol on myself. Seen a lot of generic ones but they all have some logo or company name. Any good online vendors for this? Don’t get me wrong nothing wrong with generic landings but I really got the Skydio symbol landing thing down. Silly I know
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Looking for a high quality Skydio landing symbol. Did you ever find one?
Ebay has vendors selling the Skydio symbol in sticker form that you can apply to any flat surface. The trouble with any landing pad for the Skydio II is that unless it is rigid, the lower set of props often impact the pad. the best solutions are hard unbending surfaces painted black with one of the Skydio logos applied.

I have learned how to hand launch and catch the Skydio II for many situations as its not always convenient to carry or use a pad.
Yeah I always hand catch. Little scary first few times but I rarely am in a place where I want it to land on it's own. Generally I launch and catch from seat of my dirt bike, snowmobile, or strapped into my snowboard so whipping out landing pad isn't option.

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