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Finally a competitive USA produced Drone to give DJI a run


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Nov 5, 2019
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I reserved and expect mine in early 2020.
Based on what is published for the -2 design it will give DJI some serious competition.
Except for the compact folded design of the DJI Mavic's and its slightly longer flight time it appears that the -2 has better specs, price, and performance safety features with autonomous flight controls.
Finally a USA manufactured cost effective performance Drone.
I expect DJI is scrambling to match the -2 performance which will be needed for the Mavic Pro 3 if and when it hits the market. I think once the -2 ramps up it production we will see DJI reduce it prices.
Finally it appears that with the DJI Mini offering that DJI is going after the toy drone business with an overpriced toy drone.
Personally I think your mistaken about DJI but
we will see. Hope your right about a US Co.
but don’t think they have them worried.
Looking forward to seeing this out.:)
As the dominant force in the market DJI had years to develop and implement proper autonomous moves and obstacle avoidance. Lesser companies like Yuneec, Parrot and 3DR we're creative and outperform DJI in many ways but it appears as long as sales were not affected DJ I was not interested in advancing this technology for the consumer.

I suspect only a hit to the wallet will cause DJI to invest and or become competitive in this field.

Until now most DJI customers were interested in picking up something at Best Buy and putting a camera in the air that had good image quality. With DJI's quality and reputation it was a no-brainer to just grab the DJI product.

If the military, inspectors, reviewers... prove out the benefit of this next level obstacle avoidance and autonomous flight it may catch the eye of the consumer and sway them towards this new technology, at that point DJ I may be motivated to make a move.
DJI is global, the SD isn't so I doubt DJI will be affected much, especially since the SD2 deliveries are limited by production. Competition is good for the consumer, gets us better products at cheaper prices. Once this drone is in the public's hands and the rest of the John Qs realize how easy it is to fly and how hard it is to crash, the sales will drive themselves. I think the problem will be keeping up with demand.

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