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Finally joining the Skydio Community


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Dec 7, 2020
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Hi Guys, I ordered a Skydio 2 back in early July, and I was just informed it will be shipping this week - wow, what a long wait. I am a long time droner and have owned and flown a large variety of drones. The Skydio 2 has caught my interest since it is a very different animal. I am really looking forward to playing with it soon. Hopefully I will not wreck it too often but I intend to fly it in tight quarters a lot, and yes, I do have a budget set aside for repairs lol. In any case I will be lurking and reading thru the forums here to try get up to speed on issues and insights into this cool bird.
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Yeah, famous last words right? Info like that is exactly why I am a member here. I do believe in learning by others mistakes and advice if possible. It does however seem like it is inevitable that you will eventually violate this advice if you are really using this drone the way it is intended to be used just by shear odds if you are like I am and want to get great video out there in the wilderness etc. My process is to go slow for now and build confidence and experience bit by bit. In any case thx for the advice.

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