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First flight ever flight had 3 dirty camera warnings

Humboldt Mtn flyer

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Feb 12, 2021
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Flew my S2 today for the first time, I used my controller and it went well. The only issue was 3 dirty cameras land now warnings, I cleaned all cameras before flight. After 3 more wipe downs I was good to stay aloft, has anyone else experienced this?
Did you recently take it out of a warm environment before flying, wondering if it might be condensation inside the OA lenses. I've gotten that warning before but in my case the lenses were dirty.
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Yes I did, I thought maybe condensation could be the problem. I figured it was just the outside, didn’t give it any thought that sitting close to a warm wood stove was the cause. Thank you for the solution, I’m always open to advice.?
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I'd be surprised if that wasn't the problem, i often pull out test equipment out of my warm vehicle into pretty cold temps, despite the very low humidity here I still see displays fog up. The SD2 gets warm when the processors fire up, takes a little while while for everything to equalize.

Sometimes a gopros suffer the same way, they even sell small packets of desiccant it prevent that problem but on that camera I found letting it equalize usually takes care of it.
Couldn’t agree more, the morning of was cold and the humidity was up. Just one question, would the S2 returned home or would it have landed ASP? It was so close I just brought it back quickly, but if I was 500 or 1000ft out?
When I've gotten that warning it was min or 2 after after takeoff, the beacon gave the warning and we never really got started. I seem to remember it just stopped waiting for me to tell it to land.
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