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Hello from the middle of the USA


Nov 3, 2019
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Hello from the KC area of America. I'm looking forward to a different drone in the Skydio2, since I've had two DJI drones before plunking down my $100 deposit to get in on the 2nd batch with the Skydio2. Just not fast enough to get in at the end of this month, but looking forward to the unboxing YouTube videos and how this drone really works in real life. It will also be interesting to compare the Skydio2 against my one remaining DJI drone, the MavicAir. Really love it and the way it performs, so something different will be an interesting experience. It will also be interesting to compare the reports found on this forum of the Skydio2 with those posted on the MavicPilots forum.

Happy droning and stay safe out there.
Welcome to the group. (y)
Thanks dirkclod for the response to my first post. :)
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Welcome to SkydioPilots!

Hoping to see this forum blossom into the success our other forums have. Looking forward to your input on the forum.
Thanks for the welcome, DoomMeister. Look forward to the Skydio2 reviews and actually flying this new drone. Great videos for promos, so far.
I was watching the follow me video on the Skydio website. While it was good I didn’t see it being any better on a road with a lot of tree cover than the Yuneec Typhoon H. That said there was another through the woods and a side by side comparison with a DJI Mavic and it was very impressive. This is where the optical avoidance could outshine Yuneec’s GPS assisted follow me. Anxious to see real world trials from users.

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