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Howdy from Montana


Oct 24, 2021
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Greetings from western Montana. I have been a 107 pilot for 3 years, my fleet consists of mostly DJI aircraft, but I am about to get my first Skydio drone shipped to my door. I sold a Mavic 2 Zoom and smart controller just to get on the Skydio bandwagon, mostly because I belive that autonomous flight is the direction of drone development and autonomy is where Skydio shines! So here I am.

Would love to see some mission planning software (similar to Maven, Litchi, etc.) specifically for this platform pop up, keeping my fingers crossed. I can imagine flying up/down a narrow mountainous river canyon focusing on the camera, gimbal and yaw while Skydio avoids disaster (something that my Mavic 2 pro isn't very good at)....

Anyone familiar with the SDK capabilities and how waypoint flights are executed (by DroneDeploy for example)? Are they "virtual sticks" or are waypoints uploaded for execution natively on the aircraft?

Anyway, so begins my Skydio discovery phase.
Welcome to the forum 👍
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Welcome! As avid mountainous flyer be really wary of your surroundings. The range is pretty poor, moving around big rocks/obstructions seem to block signal pretty easy, especially with elevation changes. I rarely go further than 600 feet when I'm changing elevations and what not in the mountains. I'm hoping new RTH height setting gets around this but I've had a lot of issues where Skydio disconnects, I'm above the drone flying down into some mountain terrain when it disconnects heads right into group of trees on the RTH and gets stuck leaving me to clamor down the mountain to get to it before battery runs out.

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