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instabilities in release 15.11.35 / .36


Jan 23, 2021
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When we updated the app to 15.11.36, the Skydio2 updated to 15.11.35, a lot of anomalies occurred.

1) the drone just shut off while connecting with the beacon, 3 times, and shut off once when connecting to the android app
2) most times when trying to connect the phone to the Skydio2, have to "Try again" either 2 or 3 times
3) the beacon failed at least once on its own saying something like "app failed" before shutting off
4) it seems to take a very long time like 10 mins for the Skydio2 and beacon to GPS sync in my backyard, where it used to take 2-5 minutes before this update.

These are all new issues.
With regard to the sync process. Are you connecting beacon to drone and then phone to beacon and then turning on the app? Thats the process I hafta follow....if I don't involve my phone, the sync takes forever....and thats how it always was for me with my original drone too.

My drone seems to time out if there is nothing happening...seems like thats whats going on with yours. I'd send Skydio a message about your issues. I suspect they will say do a factory reset.

When I contacted them about my original drone's problems, thats what they told me to do, and below is the content of their email. I'm not saying it will work, and it might make matters worse. I'd prolly try it tho.
To help us troubleshoot this issue, we'd like to try a full factory reset of your Skydio 2 and beacon.

Please read these steps carefully before resetting your Skydio 2, as this will completely erase your media from the microSD card. You may wish to back your media up from the microSD card prior to following these steps.

To Factory Reset your Skydio 2:
  1. Power up the drone, then connect to it via WiFi with the Skydio 2 app.
  2. Tap Info, then select your drone under Devices (look for your Skydio 2's WiFi name).
  3. Select Manage Data, then choose the option to Factory Reset.
  4. After the reset completes, power cycle your Skydio 2: turn your drone off as you would normally, then power it back on and connect to it.
  5. Attempt a test flight and let us know if the issue persists.
Check out this article for more detail on the factory reset process: How to erase flights and reformat your Skydio drone

You can reset the Beacon through following these steps:

1.) Turn the Beacon off by holding the red button.
2.) Press and hold the following buttons at the same time:
-Right arrow
-Blue Skydio button
3.) The Beacon will power on with a menu that says:
4.) Use the left/right buttons to navigate, and use the Skydio button to choose an option. Select FACTORY RESET.

From there, you can go ahead and try to pair your Skydio 2 to your Skydio Beacon via the provided USB-C cord.

Please let us know if these steps improve the reliability of your Skydio 2 and beacon.
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Yes, these steps did indeed fix the stability issues with the new release. Thank you.

That said, I have another troubled post under Skydio 2+ maybe someone can help (but doesn't seem like it).

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