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Language removed by mod/ Crash

Well two flights before this incident I got some random emergency landing error with battery around 49%, drone got all shaky, gimbal twitched and it dropped out the sky but righted itself right before it hit the ground. There wasn't a collision or anything. When I power cycled it, it seemed fine. I filed support with Skydio and they were looking into it. Then couple days later I was chasing my truck down dirt road, focusing on driving and not the drone. It looks like when I made turn onto another road it might have hit a power cable (video goes out couple seconds before and you can see cable in view).

Originally Skydio was going to RMA due to emergency landing issue I think mainly because the tech hadn't recommended me not to fly after I hit the emergency landing error and they sent me shipping label. They later sent me a email saying they won't cover under warranty. So now I'm just waiting to see how much they are going to charge me to fix it. Basically the shell is cracked as you can see and two motors are bad.

I've had really good results with this drone, been flying since February without issue in all sorts of conditions and environments. I have been pretty keen about watching out for power lines just blew it on this one. Hard lesson.
Thanks for letting us know what happened...think the tech that handled your original emergency land error message should have warned you not NOT to fly again though since they had already committed to replacing the S2.

I hope they don't do what DJI does and give you a repaired unit previously owned by some one else.

Hope you get some good news....

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