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My S2 is finally transmitting RID


Nov 28, 2022
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Got the email last night and although I didn’t need to update - I got the “Checking Remote ID System” message on preflight!

Thanks Skydio for continuing to support your older models!
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On September 16, 2023, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will begin requiring drone operators in the United States to broadcast Remote ID information, unless flying in an FAA-recognized identification area1.
Today we’re releasing a simple software update that enables Remote ID for your Skydio drone2, so you can rest assured that you’re compliant when flying our products
Next Steps

If you have a Skydio 2, 2+ or X2E produced after September 16, 2022,
you’re good to go! For more information visit What is Remote ID, and how does Skydio have you covered?

If you have a Skydio 2, 2+ or X2E produced before September 16, 2022, follow the steps below to ensure Remote ID is enabled for your drone:
  1. Update your drone and app/controller to the latest software version
    1. How to update your Skydio 2/2+
    2. How to update your Skydio X2E
  2. Verify that your drone is successfully broadcasting Remote ID information
    1. When entering the flight screen, you will see a Remote ID system check screen message
  3. Affix a label to your drone
    1. Download our Remote ID label template
    2. Print this template at 100% scale
    3. Cut out the FAA Standard Remote ID Compliant label and use a tape or adhesive to securely affix it to your drone
Visit How to enable Remote ID for your Skydio drone for detailed instructions.
Thank you for helping us continue to make our world more creative, productive, and safe. Happy flying!


1An FAA-recognized identification area (FRIA) is a flying area where Remote ID is not required and generally applies to recreational flying.
2Applies to Skydio 2, 2+ and X2E drones when flown with the Skydio Enterprise Controller, Skydio mobile apps (with or without Skydio Controller), or Skydio Beacon/Beacon+ (with or without Skydio mobile apps).

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