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Odd tracking behavior


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Dec 18, 2020
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The other day I had it track me with the beacon. At about 5:10 it slowed enough to lose me in frame, then began tracking our friends Razr behind us. Then again at 6:20 it just kinda started getting bored and looked around on it's own.
This is with the previous software build, I forget the number. I just updated to the latest that has the Keyframe and will do some tests to simulate the exact conditions to compare this Thursday.
I did conduct a little test run in the yard, and I noticed it behaved a bit better. Before when I hand launched, it would lift up and away and turn around as normal, the it did a little twitch to it's left, maybe 30 degrees, then come back and face front.
This behavior is now gone, it lifts up and turns and faces front with no twitch.
Devils Garden
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To me they placed too much emphasis on visual tracking in that last (pre keyframe) update, if you look at the area where it switched vehicles yours blended very well with the surrounding rocks, both times. (Cool place BTW). As a test maybe stick a brightly colored flag on your SXS or tape a piece of brightly colored poster board or material to the roof just to see if that improves. To me it looked like you blended in very well there a few time considering the shadows and the SXS color are very similar. It's obviously using visual tracking at that point and I've seen other videos where the person complained of tracking issues and it was also during a low angle sun with very little contrast between the subject and surrounding terrain.

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