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Potential Skydio 2+ purchase question about Sony IMX577 sensor.....

So would you guys say that the Skydio has a lot more processing power on board compared to a current gen DJI drone or any other consumer drone on the market?
In terms of obstacle avoidance, it isn't even close. Not sure if that's what you mean. In terms of image quality it's good enough for action. If you're using this in places where you would use an action camera (goPro) then it's great. If you want a sky DSLR then this isn't it.

Yeah that's probably the best analogy I can give. Skydio is the GoPro of drones.
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Yea that's a good way of putting it as a GoPro of drones. I know that DJI and Autel have the optics and sensor advantage for photography and video with the new versions that are out currently.

The only other drone I have ever had (currently still have) is the DJI Spark, it's been a good little drone that films in 1080P and takes pretty good still shots with it's 12mp camera for being a few years old now.
Dude, knock your socks off -- if you hate the Skydio that much, get a DJI or whatever that works for you. You're not going to hurt my feelings. I've already checked out keyframes and can see how that can work for me, but that's not the only reason I got the Skydio.
Apparently that is your only reason, because you can't calm down justifying your expenses. lol
Yes I absolutely hate their model v2 release to refresh their revenue with absolutely zero upgrades in hardware except for putting few wires in external antenna ears.
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Guys if you can’t agree to disagree this will be over.
1 more report and it will be.
Hope you understand 🤨
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