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S2 loses altitude with Controller

Humboldt Mtn flyer

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Feb 12, 2021
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I’ve noticed that when using the Turbo paddle on the Controller and flying at faster speeds, my S2 loses Altitude at a uncomfortable rate. I haven’t messed with the Rates at all, I’ve contacted Skydio Support and are awaiting an answer.
I have not done much flying at the highest speeds (I've my rates set such that I don't need to hit the turbo button to go fast). Does not surprise me that it drops (horizontal & vertical components of the thrust vector and all that). It is either drop or Skydio would have to limit the forward speed, I'd prefer to make that decision myself. :)
I'll have to keep an eye out for that one, maybe tomorrow. I was using the boost button tonight but I had the S2 very high at the time and wasn't paying that much attention to the altitude.

Unrelated, but I find it really annoying how when I pick a spot on the map and tell it to fly there, once it reaches that point it descends on that point. I don't understand why they would think we'd want it to automatically descend when reaching the destination. Anyone know if there's a way to disable that?

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