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Samsung S6 & Controller


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Dec 7, 2020
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Tried out my controller yesterday. Well, sorta. Unfortunately, Skydio doesn't send a cable that has USB C on one end and micro USB on the other, so I wasn't able to actually try to fly. Did I miss something along the way? Seems like this info should be fairly prominently available to a new purchaser....and additionally, a cable available for purchase if they aren't going to provide the necessary equipment. I got their Cinema kit, which cost plenty.

Also, my S6 phone, in its Otterbox Commuter case, will just barely fit in the controller 'cradle' and its far from secure cuz its barely hanging on. Not a huge fan of this aspect, but I've seen a review from another guy who also didn't like the fit in the 'cradle' but said his iphone has never fallen out. We'll see.

So, the main question is, will a micro-usb/usb C cable work with controller?

I tried flying via phone alone, but that doesn't seem to be possible other than the skills in the app. Correct or not?

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Thanks a ton!
I asked Skydio about this issue and they said "This is what Skydio Test Team has utilized to test our products and have had success with it."

Options are good! This one is on sale for 6.99 currently.


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