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Skydio premier support


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Mar 23, 2021
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Skydio premier support user here. 6 days after requesting an RMA I’ve not gotten one. 5 days after confirming I’d like to go ahead and start the process of evaluation and repair I’ve not gotten a response.

Is this normal for premier support users?

Colin Rooney


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I do not believe there is a clear separate channel for premium support. It' took me weeks to get a response when I first received my Skydio2. I ended up solving my on issues with the software not letting me pick a target.
I do now have a representative, Kathryn, that seems engaged and on point. But she is trying to sale me a $1,500/yr extortion package to enable the close proximity feature I expected to be available with the PRO package I purchased.
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Sounds like they are short staffed OR have a lot of support calls in which neither is good. My S2 got a mind of its own while using the beacon and it just took off on its own and never came back. I found it 1 week later luckily in an empty lot with weeds hiding it. Apparently it hit a tree and crashed and sat there for at least a week while it rained approx 1". Glad I found it and surprisingly it turned on and flies EXCEPT now the camera video is super hazy and fogged up. Any suggestions? do I send it in to customer service? i don't want to void warranty but simantleing it.
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All of you.....i would ask for my $ back if Premier support is THIS LAME. You should ABSOLUTELY be given a DIRECT, SEPARATE phone number from all the other NON-PREMIER owners AND a new drone is supposed to immediately be sent out to you once they know you have issues. maybe you can get full credit towards the AEF software instead.
As far as the Drones' camera's haziness, id try to dry it out without opening the case as it will void your warranty, obviously. You do have every right to send it back, not sure what they will charge for a camera but the gimbal will likely have to be re-calibrated by them if camera is replaced. Probably wouldn't hurt to get a different S2 as the possibility of corrosion/heat/short circuit on the IC chips could kill it later....Good luck and let us know how you are treated.
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