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Skydio2 video quality goes grainy and blue mid flight, Please help!


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Feb 27, 2021
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I was filming fine in 4k 60fps all day until randomly the video quality gets all grainy and then all bluish for the rest of the day. Please watch the video and share what you think what it may be. happens at 14s and then 57 s. The next day it was ok, I absolutely love my new skydio I just really don't want it to happen again. Thank you!
had that happen once. turned everything off and back on. it was fine after that. if it bothers you, you should report it to skydio and send them your logs. looks like an auto-contrast bug or some weird glitch with auto camera settings.
stock settings. the amount of light the drone gets varies considerably based on location and trees. id rather let the drone figure it out and make a SOLID raw shot. i can do everything else in post-processing of the video / audio. i am CONTINUALLY amazed at the quality of the video this thing takes, normally.
could be a temp issue (don't think so, when mine did it is sure as hell wasn't freezing outside), don't think you mashed the beacon buttons by accident. possible sd card issue but i doubt it. bug makes the most sense and since it is not easily repeatable it makes the hardware less likely vs. the software. really helps to be able to see exactly what was going on INTERNALLY when it started. had mine awhile when it happened. was not new when it happened. i also occasionally have an issue with the iphone SE's screen not rotating when i start the app. restarting everything always helps. that one was reported to SD. sorry i dont know more. really frustrating when you blow 2k + on a toy and you cant even get decent Customer Service or Instructions ! Fun meter is getting pegged. probably going to dump the kit soon. the updates make it relevant or i probably would have moved on by now otherwise. didnt see where this was in AK? good luck!
@PA452 posted to this forum that they took photos and they came out all RED. i think the 2 bugs are RELATED.
I see RED on the screen when switching between Video and Photo mode while flying. And when switching back to Video. But it only stays red for the second or so while the mode changes.
Anyone else have this happen?
Haven't noticed it regularly. Just had it happen that one flight, and every pic it took that flight was red like this one:


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