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Skyido App Update - Panorama


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Oct 27, 2019
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Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Now that the update has been out a few days, I was wondering if any of you have tried it out and what are your thoughts.
I just got the software this morning and only had a couple of flights. I tried out the panoramas and new keyframe features. I have a few notes.

Keyframe - if you use the "dynamic gimbal roll" it doesn't just roll. It always points the camera along the current flight path. The key word is "current". If you fly a keyframe "backwards" it will turn around so the camera is pointing in the direction it's going. Not bad, but unexpected. If you set up a keyframe to orbit around a house or some other object of interest, you don't get that orbit effect with this option. But if you want to add roll effects to an orbit, you can, just set the roll on each keyframe.

The other new "free look" option for keyframe is not very useful on a phone. It doesn't give you a thumbstick, so you have to swipe the screen to move the camera. That comes out very awkward in the video. You really have to have the controller to use this in a smooth "cinematic" way. And it keeps the gimbal pitch on the finger-toggle instead of shifting it to a joystick so it's awkward to do.

Panoramas, I'm still reserving judgement. But I will note that the spherical option doesn't give the full sphere. It didn't close the top of the sphere for me. Fine for "little planet" views but the hole in the sky shows up in every other view format. It's also very slow to process a panorama after a flight which is surprising given the computer horsepower onboard the Skydio 2. Like maybe it's processed on the supervisor CPU and not handed off to the graphics & AI processors.

One good thing about the panoramas is that it lets you get to the original images, so you can use your own panorama stitcher later.
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Here's a quick little video where I've stitched the photos myself...
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Thanks for the clue to go and look at the low resolution video .LRV file to watch the panorama being made. (Everyone: you can just drop that file onto your favorite video player and it will play like any other video.)

It looks like it doesn't actually do a perfectly straight-up picture. It's limited by the same $$$ limitation that stops you making regular videos or photos straight-up. I was hoping the panorama skill would bypass that. So no cheap bridge inspections, then.
I'm still playing around with the new features. I've done a couple of panoramics but they didn't automatically stitch. As far as the camera roll, I'm still playing around with it.

On another note, I'm not sure what it is yet, but the video just doesn't look all that great without having to do adjustments in post. I'm using 4k 30 fps and it just doesn't look as good as what I get from my other drones. Even my Mavic Zoom does better.

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