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V14 Code??


Dec 17, 2022
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After upgrading I received two codes V30 which apparently involves the Gimble (I forgot to remove the Gimbel lock before powering up the drone). The second code was a V14 which the techs at Skydio were not able to tell me what it meant.

I both codes cleared after a few seconds and then I was able to fly the drone normally. The tech suggested that I forward the flight logs to them. Any ideas on what thos V14 code might be?
Sorry, without public docs and being an internal error code, we have no way of telling. This is a public forum of pilots who help each other. Skydio support should be the first point of contact for logs and technical stuff that goes beyond self-help.
Skydio has ended life for R1 and its support a long time ago so you won't get help there for that model. I've contacted them and found that out. They seemed to empathize that my brand new batteries sat so long so they deep discharged but they couldn't offer any help. I also asked them about a connection issue to the app and they couldn't help there either. However, I suspect it was because my batteries aren't working so I had the USB-C cable directly connected to the drone while trying to connect.
I don't blame you. This is how I felt when I realized I had a $2200 paperweight. They don't sell any drones (even the newer models) to general public anymore. They switched to commercial and government contracts only so sadly they won't care how much we bash them as a company

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