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What I would love to see in next update of Skydio 2 (if customer voice has a value)

Would you need 'fast speed, low error, low cinematic' following mode

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Dec 3, 2020
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After some playing with Skydio 2 and basically throwing it into the hardest conditions of flight (you can see my not-so-short-video of test flight with comments in Russian on YouTube (
- for below thread only first 5 minutes are enough to watch) there are few things I would prefer to be updated in Skydio and released in the upcoming firmware updates. I would list them below as you may actually also have some thoughts on them, however as a general pre-face, I do believe 'generalized' capabilities of Skydio as they are present now should be expanded with 'specialized' skills and following modes which are better suited for specific environments. Let me expand in details below.
  1. As a huge fan of downhill mountain biking, I would love drone to be able to follow me riding full speed in the wilds. Right now it can't keep up above 10mph in the forestal conditions on singletracks. It can fly faster in the open areas, but in the forest on the downhill trail (not a bikepark tram-lines) it can't run faster. To make such a thing possible I would offer Skydio engineers provide an additional user-enabled mode of following the target, which will be kind-of close to current 'Motion Track' with only one, but noticeable change - drone follows target behind it by strictly replicating tracked object trajectory, meaning drone doesn't move sideways in a search of 'shortcut' through the trees/branches/bushes and doesn't fly higher than the offered height. Simple explanation why is this required - because forestal single tracks and downhill trails have enough space to make bikers go, but above the head and on a side of a trail there are usually trees and bushes and flying through them would, in the best case, significantly slow drone down (more often just stop it). In case the drone follows me via a strict copy of my trajectory without sideways moves and 'knowing by setting' that above 3 meters it is simply a ceiling of branches, then it could do better. I know that in such mode I will lose 'cinematic' moves and angles of tracking however even with such constraints it is still more valuable for me shooting vid from behind rather than 'hooking out' drone from branches and trees around the trail keeping the speed below any 'downhill' range. So yes, this mode won't fit everyone, but for the speed and optimization of flight in the tightest conditions, I would vote for such mode to become available.
  2. Going beyond just downhill and widening the request #1, I would prefer some 'specific' neural networks to be enabled for different types of sports/environments or combination of both, so that drone could better judge constraints of environment (ok, this sport assume high speed, the terrain has plenty of trees, let me follow this object from behind and left-right keeping still at the back as maneuvers could lead to loss of target). Expanding even beyond, maybe video-stream recognition and GPS position could serve as inputs to the Skydio as well (I see enduro motorcyclist, GPS positioned me in mountainous region of the planet, etc let me turn on mode 'z-y-x' for following and set initial parameters of flight to 'a1,b,c2'...). Latter is probably something closer to real pilot flying with whole bunch of equipment including aviation-grade GPS navigator (like garmin1000 etc) but wouldn't it be the best?
If you are an owner of Skydio 2 and an action/extreme outdoor sports enthusiast loving high speed moves, would you vote for the same in the update? Would appreciate your opinion.

P.S. I've submitted same as number of feature requests via Skydio website, however I suppose, product managers at this particular moment are not listening to the voice of the audience in such details (however would love to know I'm wrong) - two weeks after submission, no response from skydio at all
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