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Where's my serial number?

MeadowLark McLemon

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Oct 28, 2019
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I wanted to register my new Skydio today. It has two numbers. An FCC ID number and an IC ID number. Where can I find the craft's Serial Number, or is it one of these. Please don't answer if you are guessing.
The SD2 came with a tag attached to it, I can't remember if it was tied to the drone or the case. It's got a barcode number and also a serial number.
You are correct. I found the tag after reading your post. It presented me with more numbers. I didn't want to believe you because the number on the tag was the same as the WIFI number. I brought all of the numbers to SKYDIO support. I showed them all to SKYDIO support person John via chat session. He confirmed the WIFI number is the serial number. I'm glad I asked because that wasn't the number I would have bet my cookies on.
Anyone know how easy it is to change a a drones WiFi number?

If its easy and the serial number is the same as the WiFi number that means serial numbers tell you nothing about when an S2 was made or if someone else previously owned the drone.
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IMO, they aren't the bad guys here, any manufacturer aside from a few can easily change their product serialization, usually just a matter of changing a sticker. This drone is no different. If they were inclined to resell a used one as new you'd never know since they have access to all the parts to make it look new again. Sometimes we just have to trust the company you buy products from. I kinda understand where you're coming from though, seems like being dishonest in business and government is getting allot of attention these days.
There are no bad guys out there just good guys that are little less honest than completely truthful. <GRIN>

If the S2's serial numbers can easily be changed (by just changing its WiFi password) a serial number loses all its value.

The S2 is a product that is worlds ahead of its nearest competition but there's also a reason the old Russian proverb that says "Trust but verify" has been around a very long time.

P.S. If there are any software engineers out there, how easy is it to alter a WiFi password?
With my hardware engineering background. I would guess it's built into the firmware with some tag in the code. Most serious makers also code their serial numbers into the firmware for testing and repair purposes. Devices don't always come back for repairs or warranty claims intact. You just can't change the sticker and call it good, maybe for an electronic toy you can. For this drone, I would guess one has to hack the firmware to change the serial number. That opens up all sorts of cans of worm that could render brick the drone even for experienced hardware engineers. I say trust their engineers, it's not the sales and marketing people that designed this. If these engineers are smart to build such a cutting-edge drone, employing the latest AI technologies in real-time to anticipate a multitude of conditions, with a real AI processor, the NVIDIA Tegra TX capable of 1.3 trillion operations per second, I'm sure they're smart enough to take care of a serial number. You're not spending over $1,500 for a piece of Chinese technology. You can change the sticker but that doesn't change the internals, a lot of its parts are also coded somewhere in the firmware configuration files... Thank you by the way for posting the tip on the serial number, it was immensely helpful, I registered mine without. I was guessing it's probably some combination of Wi-Fi SSID and password because they're the only unique numbers but wasn't sure so I didn't include it. It's not required anyway. All the other IDs on the drone are generic for this industry... Happy flying!

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