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Why I ordered the SD2


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Nov 20, 2019
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Checkout 14:00 from the video I took yesterday. It's not a SD2 obviously but that what I have to deal without OA. I'm still patiently waiting on the SD2 :cool:

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Great video, whatever quad you were using for tracking still is pretty good. Mavic 2 Pro?

Beautiful desert terrain, You definitely have a great place to ride and Skydio 2 will be an excellent tool for you.

I road dirt bikes at Mojave desert back in the early eighties, miss those days.

Thanks for sharing,

Thanks, it's made by a company called Staaker.
Thanks for sharing the type of quad you used, did a google search and it’s quite an amazing drone.

Longer flight time over Skydio 2 and faster, Skydio 2 of course has other features. You’re set, two terrific quads to choose from going forward.

Thanks again,
You're welcome, it's a fast drone but very basic. The one thing it's good at is tracking subjects, it's so hilly where I ride I either have to fly it pretty far up or adjust periodically. Designed by some Norwegian guys for skiing, works pretty good in the desert.
Mavic's, Phantom's... cannot track like that. The Staaker looks like a good Follow drone, wish I could have got one but they seem to be unavailable.

The Typhoon H, Halo and others Follow well too but SD is taking it to a new level with 360 OA and AI. Currently I follow mostly in the desert because to Follow fast you cannot have OA or other sensors interfering, so the flight path must be clear.

Skydio may change all that with proper OA while following at higher speeds. First flights with my SD2 will be in the forest following a Jeep from the front, I look forward to it because it is challenging with a lot of pilot inputs. The Mavic could not follow so had to be manually flown.

Here's Anafi in action following from the front with pilot input, my hope is the SD2 will be hands off, montored but hands off.

Nice videos Ridefreak:)

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I like that video VR, esp on the hilltop traveling backwards.

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