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Choppy video


Mar 8, 2021
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Just got my SD2 last week so it's pretty new to me. I've done five flights so far. I'm noticing the video can be really choppy at times. Seems like it's mostly when it's low to the ground or hovering. It seems more smooth when it's traveling at high altitude.

Sometimes it just seems to pause for a moment and then jerks ahead. Sometimes it pauses for a moment and I get a very quick momentary green screen and then it jumps back to video and jerks forward.

Anyone else experience this?
Are you still having this problem?
The OP has not been on the forum for a about a year so chances are they aren’t going to respond to your post.

Are you having a similar problem currently?

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So I usually connect directly from the controller to the S2. I use my Samsung Tablet, the S6. And if I use my phone it is the same the footage I see is choppy a lot it doesn't come out that way in video but at time it is difficult to see,
The other issue is this the video is choppy now It may be my monitors as they are all 1080p the footage is choppy it also gets shift where you lose a few seconds as it stumbles and glitches forward I have use eve very video program My default is VLC . I am sure it is my screen it never did this on my laptop and my DJI mini which captures in 1080p looks amazing compared. I am still troubleshooting cause if I put something on YouTube that is choppy it is not when I go back and watch it on YouTube. I am thinking a new monitor 1440p just seeing if anyone had thoughts been going on for a while,

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