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Double tap beacon blue button skill command


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Feb 9, 2021
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Good Sunday all,
Here is one for everyone to dwell upon this fine Sunday morning.
Double press the blue beacon. According to the Skydio2 university videos and manual is supposed to dronie away from the beacon. I have produced this effect. Love it!
Twice now I have activated this skill and it has gone and done a very odd and scary thing.
Firstly I turned off the floor height restriction so i can lower the drone and get bigger reveal, everything else is very much out of the box.
So now I double press the blue button and instead of the Dronie skill taking over it literally stays flat at that height off of the ground zooming away as if it was gainning in height and distance but only distances away are increasing!. Twice this has occurred and the first time it did this the hill behind was rising in elevation faster then it was staying at set height from ground.

Don't get me wrong it looks awesome in the video, I only ask if there is anyone that knows this skill activation procedure share with me what the heck I'm doing so that i can reproduce the footage. The first time it happened I assumed the dumb human messed up, the second time i am totally positive that i pressed twice on the blue button.
Any one else see this?
Ill process the clip to show later today.
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