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Doubles Downwinder by Drone - Paddle v Propellor - Raw Run


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Jan 31, 2021
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I'm pretty active on Instagram @paularity_ mainly solo shooting Flite (eFoil) and Evolve (eSkate) content as they are my main brands of focus - but I've had some ideas pin balling around in my mind for a while now and hit up Nathan aka Susan Foil @foil_perth (who is a weapon on multiple disciplines of foiling) to attempt some longer form downwind content now that I have the S2+ with the increased range and flight time

We managed a successful maiden run yesterday arvo in pretty standard Perth Seabreeze ~18-20kn conditions.

Playing it safe we went from Sth Trigg - North Beach which is only about 3km and here's a raw run straight out of the drone of about 6.5 minutes from when he first gets up on the foil almost to the exit

Fair bit of logistics involved with car shuffles / drone exit strategies (hence me wearing a dry bag!) and areas of coastline not riddled with kiters

Aside from a sketchy start with me getting pummelled going through the shore dump and losing my hat (devo) and the Trigg clubbies antenna array wigging the drone out - it was a pretty fun little run!

Next time will have the drone and beacon with Nathan and get a solo run of him with me tailing out of frame on the eFoil which is powered so I can commandeer the drone if needed

There is definitely potential to get some prone footage and longer runs for sure!
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I've been to Trigg Beach, and Scarborough. We'll be there in a few weeks visiting our daughter and her family. About as far from Chicago in the world as one can travel...

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