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My first video - super excited

Next time you're out do some testing with the height floor on vs off, you'll find that with it turned on the drone should deal with those trees in a much smoother manner. Right now it will have difficulty keeping up with you on a MC when it's keeps wanting to return to a low alt and is getting caught low behind the trees causing it to almost stop to swing around the tree and re-aquire, it's also much more likely to loose it's subject during that time. With the height floor on it should gracefully rise up over the tree and drop back in when it's safe to do so and it won't bleed off as much speed which becomes really important following a motorcycle.

Looks like you have the hang of it though, nice job.
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Terrific first video, looking forward to your next video outing.

Thank you for your comments! Actually, in the video above the height floor was enabled. I am totally satisfied with the obstacle avoidance of it. It's remarkable.

Today, I have tried out the keyframes and this is the result. Super fun!

Moreover, I was upset when I tried the "Cable Cam" skill and found out that the minimum speed is 1m/s. This is still too fast to create a hyperlapse. But when it comes to keyframes, the granularity of speed is 0.1 m/s and the minimum speed is as low as 0.1 m/s - it should be easy to create some hyperlapse then!

The only limitation I have for now is a single battery, so my learning curve is quite slow!
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And a hyperlapse with keframes. This drone is amazing!

These videos are amazing. Hope you have fun flying!

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