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Skydio 2 + Jerking about 3 feet in all directions when in flight

Never seen that before, so no, except for the Gimbal Jerk, I get that just once immediately after launch every time.
Were you able to clear that glitch with a re-boot ?
Not yet. I have noticed the gimbal jerk as you note however, this is something else. It would be nice if you could turn obstcal avoidance off to aid in debug.
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What was the ambient temp during the flight? SD says 23° f minimum.

You might try a factory reset and software update.
I beleive it is light (RoxyVon E3) interfereing with top nav cameras. Working on lighting design to go with our crash guards. Works fine when I stick light on top center with dual lock 3M tape. I have over 100 crash guards out there for almost 2.5 years without any problem.

Thanks for input tried reset NG. Just want to check if it is problem with drone does not appear to be. Back to another prototype.

First pic shows profile of one that is problem


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