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Beacon mount using magnets?


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Dec 27, 2019
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Anyone tried to attach the beacon using earth magnets?
I noticed there is 2 magnets on the top and 2 on the bottom of the back side of the beacon.
They are probably not strong enough but paired with additional earth magnets the grip is very strong.
I got my phone on magnetic mounts in the truck and boat, works very well even with the QI charging.
Is there anything that could be affected by stronger magnetic field in the beacon it self?

In theory, it should be ok? As far as I know, magnetic fields do not cause interference with GPS or WiFi signals (both of which the beacon uses).
Makes me wonder why they put those 4 magnets in, perhaps some future mount?
Someone reported that those built in magnets work fairly well :LOL:

"I placed my beacon on the roof of my truck while flying at a park. Then forgot about it and went 10mi down the highway at about 80mph and it was still there at my next destination."
I was curious about the magnetivity of the beacon. On my first couple flights with my phone and beacon it worked flawlessly. Before launching on another flight I had to put the beacon down on a metal surface and noticed it was magnetic. Ever since then I've had a hit or miss connection with poor GPS signal in wide open fields.

After reading this post it seems like the magnets are supose to be there, but I've never heard anyone talk about it in all the videos posted. Thought I might have threw some sensors off by putting the beacon down on a metal surface. Probably just coincidence.
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