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Customer service


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Mar 16, 2021
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My recent experience with customer service has been great so far. I developed a problem with one of the motors not spinning up, drone has never crashed or even hit anything. Sent an email, left a phone message and a chat message Tuesday evening. Wednesday I was going to call as soon as they were open but, received an email from customer support. Said to try a reset which, I assume is standard for all problems. When I said that didn't work CS asked for a full description of problem. I sent that Wednesday. Thursday AM (today) I got an email stating that after discussing with engineers I should send it back and they would either replace the bad motor or replace the whole thing. CS then sent a pre paid package label. Package is on it's way, only 3 days.
This is my second time contacting CS and both times they have been very prompt.
My Skydio2 went nuts Thursday and I lost it, log and chat to Skydio Friday for Coordinates, which I got. and found drone on Saturday. Complete logs resent over the weekend and so far nothing, its Wednesday. I've sent 3 follow-up emails, nothing.
Mine stopped flying while in the air. I received a copy / paste BS answer saying to read all the safety guidelines.
Not stellar to be sure but after over 9 weeks of back and forth they finally came through. Mostly the calm patient discussions with out rhetoric seems to get the best results . Really at this level of device we are all at the whim and mercy of the company rep.

It took a lot of back and forth and if i recall almost three weeks between first send and first received email conversation start.

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